Ten Studying Tips

Officially a year being UNIMAS student on 1st September 2013. 
Officially in 2nd year of study too.
My new semester in UNIMAS will start on 9th September 2013.

Here are some studying tips that were useful to most of us (source:from the web)

Start by motivating yourself. Search for a motive to study the subject, like objectives, applications,...why this subject is important for "me"? Write a list of intentions, why are you studying? link it with your beliefs. Sometimes you may just need to do something nice before you start, like a good healthy meal, some exercises or may be a computer game.

Manage your time. Do not spend the whole day moving between different subjects and having a Zero output at the end of the day! Do not distract yourself with phone calls while trying to concentrate. (make time for them) Group your questions to the end of your study.

Before you start, make sure that there is nothing on your desk that is not related to the subject you're about to start. If possible, only put the materials that you'll currently use. It helps a lot to feel that you only have something small to do, also so as not to be distracted with the other subjects.

Try to have fun. Enjoy what you're doing with all possible ways. use colors, sticky notes, drawings, ......anything that would make ur studying seems to be fun :) you can even make a funny chart with all your tasks and deadlines. For me, mindmaps played a very important role in my study (check out this document for a quick intro about mindmapping )

Take breaks. Never stay so long on your desk. It's boring & you'll lose concentration. Take a 5 mins break each 55 mins or something. It depends upon the subject you're studying

Plan your studying time. Make specific studying hours and have some goals to reach. Make time for having fun, helping your friends, communicating with your family. Try to have a balanced life.

Collaboration! Sometimes it helps a lot to study in groups. Brainstorm with your friends & share your good ideas. Generally the IQ of a group is much larger than the IQ of an individual.

As you study -through the whole year- highlight all the important parts and main topics. It will help you a lot when revising and when trying to find some specific piece of information.

Stay organized as much as you can. It will save you plenty of time when it's time to study!

Last but not least, never forget night prayers. I can't remember/find the name now, but it was said that one of the good ancestors -who was a chemist- used to pray at night when faced by hard chemistry problems :)

Remember to always follow up with yourself to make sure you're on the right road.
New Semester, New Goals. Happy new semester everyone ^_^

Ida Ahmad Azni

Graduan Ijazah Sarjana Muda Sains dalam Pembangunan Sumber Manusia dari Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. Mula menceburkan diri dalam penulisan blog pada tahun 2009. Bercita-cita untuk menjadi HR professional yang berjaya dan mempunyai angan untuk menjadi seorang penulis.

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