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Tonite, saya nk share english story yg saya karang sendiri sempena assignment masa kat matrik dulu.. I need to adapt n create this story from english lyrics song.. So, i chose 'My Love' by Westlife to adapt n create my own story..

My story entitled is 'U Let Me Know U Love Me'... That story was about the love between a mother and a daughter.. Hope all of u enjoy it..


A lonely mother sat on a sofa in her room. She looked outside a window. The sky was bright with a moonlight. Her grey hair touched her cheek after being blown out by a soft wind. The mother find a peace at that night. A past moment came across to her mind.

“ Who should you give your love to? Your respect and your honor to? Who should  you pay good mind to after Allah and Rasulullah? ,” the mother asked her sweet  five years  daughter.

“  My mom ! “

“ Who next? “

“ My mom! “

“ Who next? “

“ My mom! And then my dad.”

“ Good girl! Come and hug me, honey! “

Both mother and daughter hugged tightly. There was a flow of love between them. It was such a sweet time.

Suddenly, the mother said softly to her child.

“ You are my daughter and my friend. You have my love forever. Dear daughter of my heart. “

A girl kissed her mom’s forehead with love.

“ Thanks, mom. Love you too. “

Drops by drops of tears flowed on her cheeks. The night was quiet.  She missed her daughter a lot. She can’t ever express how she felt now. Her daughter always in her thought. Her love followed her child everywhere.

Amni, her daughter, was in United Kingdom. She got an offer to further study in International Business after SPM. Amni  flew to overseas  two months ago. Amni needed to complete her study in
order to receive a degree  about  four years.

She knew her child was far in the overseas. She hoped to meet  Amni and sat together beside her again. She would continue waiting Amni from a day to a day, from a month to a month and from a year to a year until Amni came back home.


Amni  faced the hard days in UK in fortnight. She got a lot of tasks to finish. Then, she had to fly to Rome with her classmates. They must did a research about an administration in a known company in Rome city. It was a routine in each month. All first batch business students were compulsory to travel around the world to fulfill syllabus in first and second semester.

“  Amni, do you know your mom ‘s condition now? “ Mary asked Amni.

“ I was  no longer send her an e-mail or talk with her through a webcam. I didn’t know how is she now. Actually, my mom always in my thought and I really miss her.”

“ You should do that, Amni. I am totally sure that she is waiting for your news. Don’t make her waiting you so long. You will make her hurt. Even you are busy right now, but it is not an excuse. Take my broadband and write.”

“ Thanks, Mary for remember me. Thankful to get a  friend like you.”

Amni switched on a laptop and opened Yahoo Mail. She composed the e-mail to her beloved mom.

Subject: Love from UK

Dear my beloved mom,

How are you, mom? Hope you are in the pink of health. I am sorry because I was no longer writing to you. I am quite busy right now, mom. Next week, I will fly to Rome to fullfil my task. I know I am in your thought all the time. I know you are really miss me. Me too, mom. Having a mom like you while growing up was the greatest gift from Allah for me. Mom, without you, there would be no me. Your love, your attention and your guidance have made me who I am today. Thank you for shaping me into a person who I like and am proud to be.
When Allah made mothers, Allah took great care
To fill their hearts with love so rare.
Their children are their greatest price.
You can see the great love in our mothers’ eyes.
Love, love is a mother’s gift
To their precious children, their hearts to lift.
Warm, tender and giving love
That grows them up healthy and happy...

Thank you, mom for all you give.
I will love you forever more.
My mother, my mom, whom I pay good mind to after Allah and Rasulullah.
“ Mom, where you put Berita Harian ? ”
Amni asked her mother after  she tried to find that newspaper everywhere.

“ Oh, I put it on your dad’s writing table. “
Amni entered her parents’ room and got the newspaper . After that, she went to a living room. She sat and read it. Her mother came and asked her.
“ What are you reading about? “
“ I read a poem. A nice poem from Mohammed Khamis AlBalushi. Take this and read,  mom.”
“ Alright, honey! “

Mother the biggest gift of Allah to us

Mother the biggest gift of Allah to us
Mother the candle burn herself to light our life
Mother the other name of kindness
Mother who hold us nine month and suffer
Mother who feed us from her blood and milk
Mother stays sleepless all the nights holding us
Mother teach us how to walk and talk
Mother guides us and secures us
Mother loves us from start to end
Mother is mother no one can take her place

Muhammed Khamis AlBalushi
“ I give it this poem special for you, mom. I love you very very much! “

“ Thanks a lot, honey. I love you forever, dear! “

“ I am daughter of your heart.”

“ You are daughter of my heart.”

Both of them were laughing together. The house was full of joy and happiness.


“ Amni! Amni! Amni! “

The husband was awaken from his sleep when he heard her wife’s voice calling Amni, his daughter.

“ Mariah! Mariah! Wake up! It was only a dream,” the husband try to calm down his wife.

She opened her eyes and said, “ I miss Amni, dad. Really miss her. “

“ Ok. I know. Better you go to bathroom now. Take wudhu’. “

The husband and wife performed tahajud together in quiet morning about 3 a.m. They prayed to Allah, asking for forgiveness and safety for their family.


Mariah went to her office as usually. She made a paperwok for the next meeting. She read a book, laughed with her friends, but she can’t stop to keep herself from thinking about Amni. Finally, she opened her mail. There were 405 inbox that not been read yet. Most of the messages were from Facebook. She was shocked when she looked at a message entitled “ Love from UK “ .

“ That message was from Amni. Yes, that’s true. She sent me an e-mail.”

She read it. She started to cry after read it. She was in a cloud nine. She replied the e-mail to Amni.

Subject: Re: Love from UK

Wa’alaikummussalam wbt.

Dear daughter of my heart,
I am okey here, honey. Thanks a lot, dear. I am happy to get e-mail from you. Reading your e-mail is the best medicine for me. As you know, I will miss your everyday.

No matter if you are busy now. I am understand. Hopefully you study hard there. But, don’t too hard. Think about your health too. Make sure you have a enough sleep and rest.

Dad and me will pray for your success. Don’t leave Allah. Strive for study and put trust in Allah. Insya-Allah, you’ll get the success.


Amni sign in into YM. She checked the inbox of mail. There was a reply from her mom. She opened the message and read. She smiled. She turned to YM. She stared to the air when she realized her mom also was online at that time.

She conversed with her mom through the web cam. She was glad to see her mom’s face. They spent a long time talking through the web cam. Many stories that they were exchanged. It was really good time between both of them.


“ Final exam is just around the corner. We must activate our study group, ” Amni told to her friends.

“ Yes, I am agree with you, Amni,” Izani supported Amni’s suggestion.

“ Any suggestion about the time for study group? “ asked Amni to them.

“ We will involve in study group about two times per week. It will starting on  a next month. Do you will be okey with that? “ said Mary.

“ Good idea, Mary! Are all of you agree with her? “ Amni asked her friends to fit a decision.

Everyone said, “ Agree! “

Amni and her friends would sat for final exam in November. They only have a month to do revision before the exam. It was the last semester in the university. It means that they would finish their studies and went to their hometown after exam.


Amni lent a phone from her classmate, Zaki. She dialled a number. She needeed to tell her mom about her exam.

Tut! Tut! The phone line was connected.

“ Assalamu’alaikum. Mom, Amni is here. “

“ Amni, how are you, dear? “

“ Alhamdulillah, I’m fine. You? “

“ I am fine too, dear. Any important thing until you call me? “

“ Mom, I lent this phone from my classmate, so I don’t have much time to talk long.”

“ Oh. I see. What do you want to tell me? “

“ My final exam will start next week. Pray for me, mom. Dad too. “

“ Don’t worry, Amni. We both always pray for it. We hope you will do the best in the exam. Okey? “

“ Okey, mom. Thanks. Love both of you. Send my regards to dad. “

“ Alright! Take care, honey. Love you too. Don’t forget to send me e-mail when do you want to fly back to Malaysia. “

“ Definitely, mom. Take care. Wassalam. “

The line was disconnected.

Mariah smiled. Her husband came and asked her.

“ Who was in the line just now? “

“ Amni.” Mariah told her husband with happily.

“ What she said? “

“ Her final exam start next week, so she asked our blessing and pray. And she sent you the regards. “

“ Wa’alaikummussalam. We must put trust in her. She will do the best as she can. Insya-Allah. “

“ Yes, hopefully. “


It was a last day of exam. All Business students were felt thankful to accomplish their exam including their studies about four years in UK. Everybody shouted of joy.

All of them would leave the country. Went back to respective families. Four years in UK gave them bitter sweet of memory. They learnt many new things. It was amazing. Although they had to separate in their own ways after this, that is not mean their friendship will last too. The friendship between them will be continue forever and ever. Friend forever!

Amni packed all her things into a luggage. The flight was tonight. She had send the e-mail to her mom three days before the exam ended. She already got a reply from her mother. She felt excite to meet her mom and dad. She wanted to see their face especially the person who hold her nine month with suffer. That was her mom who are a heaven-sent blessing to her.


The flight was landed in KLIA. Amni was so thankful to Allah as she can arrived in Malaysia safely.

“ Alhamdulillah! Thank you, Allah. “

Amni continued her walking. From a far, she can saw her mom and dad were waving at her. They came to the airport to take her home.

Amni left her luggage and ran to her parents. She hugged her mom tightly and then her dad.

“ Mom, I miss you a lot. “

“ Me too, honey. You look more sweet and pretty. “

“ Are you sure, mom? “

“ Yes, sure. Your dad also agree with me.”

“ Dad, I was in Malaysia now. With both of you. “

“ Yes, Amni. We are all together now like before past four years. You look great, Amni. “

“ Thank you, dad. I love both of you. “

“ Dear daughter of my heart, come here to us. “

The husband and wife kissed her lovely daughter. The family was very happy. And the happiness will last until the end.

“ I love you, mom after Allah and Rasulullah. I love you too, dad after Allah, Rasulullah and mom. “

Happy ending!


Ida Ahmad Azni

Graduan Ijazah Sarjana Muda Sains dalam Pembangunan Sumber Manusia dari Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. Mula menceburkan diri dalam penulisan blog pada tahun 2009. Bercita-cita untuk menjadi HR professional yang berjaya dan mempunyai angan untuk menjadi seorang penulis.

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